The year's worst discs: Ken Tucker's list |


The year's worst discs: Ken Tucker's list

EW's critic sums up the biggest DVD disappointments of 2006

1. King Kong Deluxe Extended Edition
”Over 38 minutes of deleted scenes,” boasts the cover. Yeah, just what we wanted: another half-hour-plus of one of the emptiest recent big-budget blockbusters. I’m using this three-disc Kong as an example of the now-regular tendency to repackage and load up DVDs in ”special” editions with tons of trivial extras; it’s probably not the worst culprit, but…oh, wait: ”The Present” — ”an original short film made by the cast.” Yep, it’s the worst.

2. National Lampoon’s Pledge This!
Again, I’m using this as one example of a larger annoyance: sequels — either theatrical or straight-to-DVD — of banal franchises. This Paris Hilton ”comedy” is egregious junk, following the latest National Lampoon’s Van Wilder flapdoodle.

3. Noir overload
With virtually all the classics now released, this was the year manufacturers stretched the definition of film noir. They’re doing a disservice to innocents who may be duped into buying, say, Forgotten Noir 3, two thrillers (Shadow Man and Shoot to Kill) whose primary resemblance to noir is that their plots are murky.

4. Extreme Chickfights
This choice isn’t sexist; it’s humane: The spectacle of women who look glassy-eyed even before they punch and pummel each other as men cheer and leer is super-creepy.

5. Bad TV shows’ multiple-season releases
As someone compelled to own every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer ever made, believe me, I understand the allure of completism. But does the world really need The Dukes of Hazzard: Season 7? Read a book, kids!