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Happy winter! What's your favorite famous blanket?


151231__blanket_lBrrr! The onset of winter’s got me thinking: I need a better coat, one that’s more “hip,” less “marshmallow.” Also: What are the Most Important Blankets in entertainment history?

There’s a wealth of the “security” variety, of course – the “wubby” in Mr. Mom, Leo Bloom’s in The Producers, and the original, Linus’ blanket from Peanuts, which, FYI, has inspired its own non-profit for traumatized kids. Check out this clip of Linus going through a nasty case of withdrawl. Holy melodrama! I kept forgetting it was a blanket he was jonesin’ for and not, like, heroin.

But I’m talkin’ full-size blankets, too, which means Ugly Betty’s poncho does count. My favorite is definitely the one from Roseanne (pictured), a permanent fixture of the Conners’ sofa even in the summer. I can’t remember anyone actually using it, which only adds to its understated awesomeness. That thing looked so cozy! I’m pretty sure even Darlene (Sara Gilbert, right, with Lecy Goranson) liked it, even though she’s doing her best to avoid it in that photo. Anyway, I don’t have time to catalog every blanket occurrence ever, so help me out here. And bundle up out there. And if you need a quick winter’s nap, watch this.