Aubry D'Arminio
December 27, 2006 AT 05:00 AM EST

EW asks for ”subUrbia”

”The greatest men are the most alone,” observes Nicky Katt in the seminal ’90s slacker pic subUrbia. Helmed by Dazed and Confused’s Richard Linklater and penned by compulsively cynical monologuist Eric Bogosian (yes, the new boss on Law & Order: Criminal Intent), the ’96 film transformed chatty postteen self-reflection into bleakly poetic blood-and-guts fare: Addict Bee-Bee (Dina Spybey) quietly commits suicide; Air Force vet Tim (Katt, whose frustration and menace recall Richard Burton’s in Look Back in Anger) boasts of beating a woman to death; dropout Jeff (Giovanni Ribisi) prevents a gunfight at a convenience store. But DVD plans for subUrbia seem as stalled as the lives of its small-town twentysomething characters. ”It’s scheduled to be released sometime in the future,” says a Warner video rep. ”We just don’t know when.” Bogosian, who based the script on his own play, can’t wait to do a commentary: ”I spent years on that corner. I wrote about my own life.” And he’d like to do it while the fresh-faced cast is still just that. ”Parker Posey, Nicky Katt, Steve Zahn, Giovanni Ribisi — these people are going to be old before anyone gets to see them in this movie.”

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