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January 02, 2007 AT 09:36 PM EST

Last week, Slezak challenged you dear readers to correctly ID the woman at left. A sampling of some wrong extremely entertaining answers:

”Call me crazy, but that tan-in-a-can gal looks like Eva Longoria.” — Joe Keglovitz

”It’s Corrine Bailey Rae fresh out of the tanning bed. Also with too much makeup.” — Birgitta Johnson

”It’s Kate Bosworth’s secret illegitimate Latina sister, Catalina Bosworto, right? Notice the same round forehead and apple-cheeked smile? But seriously, is it maybe Keisha Castle-Hughes after being baked in the Morocco desert while shooting The Nativity Story?” — Ariella Blejer

”Part of me wants to see if this is Sienna Miller on a very weird tanning/contacts experiment… But realistically, she seems to have Eva Longoria’s features. I’ll go with Eva!” — Christopher Hooker

”All the clues are right there! It’s Lourdes (Lola) Maria Ciccone Leon (Ritchie)!” — Andrew Katy

”You guys at EW always stump us at work. But we think the Guess Who No. 11 is Ciara. The one facial feature that’s throwing us off are the lips — alhtough collagen injections would not be out of the question.” — Patrick Bannister & Laura Schmidt

”Clearly the sequins, makeup, and toothy grin (not to mention the ooh-la-la fake eyelashes!) belong to none other than our dear little Mark Indelicato of Ugly Betty fame, thoroughly exploring all of his options as he teeters on the brink of pubescence. —Matt Bailer

See the correct answer, a list of smarties, and an explanation of how we came up with the idea — after the jump!

addCredit(“Guess Who: Mark Von Holden/FilmMagic.com”)

It’s Melody Thornton!

Um, who?

You know, Melody Thornton! Of the Pussycat Dolls! (That’s her, second from left.)

I confess: A couple weeks ago, I was telling one of our photo editors how the lead singer, Nicole Scherzinger, is absolutely everywhere these days — on magazine covers, in that Diddy video, etc. — but that I probably couldn’t identify any of the other Dolls if you put a gun to my head. So the photo editor found that pic of Melody, taken at last year’s VMAs.

Turns out that lots of you know your eye candy backup singers! Here are all the folks who gave the right answer, with special kudos to Nathan Grijalva, who was the first respondent to give Melody’s full name (instead of just answering, “It’s that chick from the Pussycat Dolls!”):

Chase Alexander
Elizabeth Allen
Amy Barnes
Erica Borden
Candace Crear
Gianella Domdom
Josh Fasseel
Corey Faul
Gwen Fowler
Danielle French
Devin Fuller
Nathan Grijalva
Madalyn Howitt
Jenna Johnson
Todd LaPlace
Albert Lawrence
Rakeem McKinney
Oby Nmezi
Ginger Olaya
Mary Ott
Jeremie Pelletier
Kelly Peterman
Wade Preston
Joseph Sutton
Tyrone Tamakloe

Thanks for playing!

addCredit(“Pussycat Dolls: James White”)

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