Michelle Kung
January 04, 2007 AT 05:00 AM EST

”House”: Deal or no deal?

”And a happy go to hell” to you too, House writers. After the brilliance of ”Finding Judas” two weeks ago, I was fully prepared for tonight’s episode to rock, but was instead left completely cold. As has been pointed out by everyone who’s seen any of the last five episodes, the entire Tritter story arc has been a dismal failure and needed to be put out of its misery yesterday. Just when you think his character is finally doing something interesting (i.e. actually wanting to help House), he bears his fangs and reverts back to being evil incarnate. Last night, Tritter threatened to throw Wilson back in jail for reneging on his testimony against his friend, and then rejected a sincere, rehab-seeking House on a technicality? I cannot wait for David Morse to be written off the show in January.

The court scenes in the preview don’t particularly thrill me either — especially since they don’t seem grounded in any sort of real legal system. As several of my friends currently in law school have pointed out, Tritter has already broken a number of amendments, and the idea of this case actually making it before a judge is rather absurd.

The nasty Tritter aftertaste is particularly galling because the patient of the week was actually an interesting case. As soon as I heard little people would be interacting with House, I cheered up, because the doc is always at his sarcastic best when dealing with patients who are different. It’s un-PC, but our House is an equal opportunity offender and I got a kick out of his asking the patient’s mom if she was ”up for a spin.” I also loved the mom telling her soon-to-be-regular-size daughter she’d buy her a funny hat so that she could remain an outsider.

Less interesting was all the Wilson-bashing that occupied most of the episode. After finally taking a stand last episode, RSL spent most of his time backpedaling and trying to defend his actions against an overly self-righteous Cameron, a medically hamstrung Cuddy (she’s still the chief of a major hospital? really?), and a duplicitous Tritter. I actually don’t begrudge Wilson for walking out on the clearly post-OD House when he went to check on him at his apartment. It’s one thing when your flawed friend needs painkillers to function; it’s another when he washes them down with liquor and nearly offs himself in the process just after you’ve suggested you should go to jail in his place.

And in spite of Hugh Laurie’s technical brilliance in portraying House’s detox, it was nothing we haven’t seen before… like in a past episode entitled ”Detox.” Yes, the stakes were higher this time around, but the general situation was the same and the outcome will inevitably be similar. House even relied on the same school of techniques to relieve his pain — only instead of mashing his hand with a pestle this time, he cut himself to release endorphins. Yes, House is an addict. Yes, that’s why we love him. Let’s move on, people!

But what about you, dear readers? Are you looking forward to the upcoming trial? Do you wish Cameron would get over herself (and those bangs)? Are you wishing for more Chase screen time? Ponder away, and we’ll reconvene in the new year.

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