Helin Jung
January 04, 2007 AT 09:20 PM EST

I blame it all on the tooth. The tooth — in some mystical connection with a Top Chef tooth fairy  and guest Debi Mazar’s disorientingly glorious cursing — did something crazy to me.

I guess I could kind of see it coming. It started before Mia’s teary self-sacrifice, I think around the time the beach breakfast happened. I couldn’t help myself. My heart started twitching involuntarily every time Mike‘s puffy face (pictured) showed up. And then this tooth thing — the guy gets a wisdom tooth pulled, and it looks like he asked some wolves to do it instead of going to the dentist. How could I hold anything against him after hearing him say “OWAGE” instead of “orange”? I really wanted him to be a loser (call me a Hater Princess if you must), but I’ve got to hand it to the guy — he’s been scrappy, and he’s growing on me.addCredit(“Top Chef: F. Scott Schafer”)

I was glad that big Mikey won both challenges last night. Really, Iwas. Will he win? I would rather eat a thousand of Marcel’s foams thansee Mike win. However, I’m glad it’s his turn to have a (somewhat) goodday.

Essentially, what I realized last night during last night’s episodeis this: I do not miss Gail Simmons. Actually, I hope that Ted Allengets a permanent seat at the judges’ table next season. And, I really,really hope, for the safety of the group, that Marcel goes next.

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