Whitney Pastorek
January 05, 2007 AT 05:00 AM EST

An open letter to ”Beauty and the Geek”

Dearest Beauty and the Geek:

Happy third season! We used to love you for giving the oft-neglected bimbo and nerd communities the chance to shine, but you can only trot that trope out so many times before it gets stale — and before your cast members start to seem just a little too cast-membery. (A shaggy guy who wears trucker hats, sings in a ”Star Wars tribute band,” and is suspiciously good at stand-up comedy? That’s not a geek, kids; that’s a SAG-card-chasing wannabe actor. Dare I say, executive producer Ashton Kutcher, that you’ve been punk’d?) Here’s a suggestion: Somewhere out there are eight brilliant but socially inept women. And certainly, you could come up with eight hunky, clueless dudes. Why not toss those two groups together for next season? (We’re still waiting for NBC’s promised Average Joe spin-off called Average Jane.) I bet you a case of Clearasil that people would watch. Need proof? Here’s a hint: Its initials are Ugly Betty.

Whitney Pastorek

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