Adam B. Vary
January 12, 2007 AT 05:00 AM EST

+ Denis Leary is exec-producing two new pilots. NBC’s Fort Pit follows a real-life Brooklyn police precinct where, he says, ”they send rookie cops to basically have a trial by fire.” Canterbury’s Law, the actor’s Fox drama about a female lawyer, is also set in NYC. ”We’re trying to take over the whole city,” he cracks. ”Eventually, Law & Order [will] go off the air.”

+ J.J. Abrams will exec-produce and may direct a medical drama pilot for HBO based on Dr. Jerome Groopman’s book The Anatomy of Hope, about life in the oncology ward. ”I didn’t want to get involved with a show about cancer patients,” says Abrams, ”[but] when I read the script, it was impossible to put down.”

+ Hank Azaria (The Simpsons) is in final talks to direct his first feature, Outsourced, a comedy about two buddies whose factory jobs are shipped south of the border. ”They essentially become the Norma Raes of Mexico,” says Azaria. Ay caramba!

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