Mandi Bierly
January 12, 2007 AT 05:00 AM EST

He plays a crime-fighting mathematician on CBS’ Numb3rs (Fridays, 10 p.m.), but follically gifted actor David Krumholtz lacks the talent to analyze and project patterns in real life. Still, after an initial exclamation of ”Oh, Christ!” the Queens native (and Bobby costar) dared to make this bold prediction for ’07: ”My character Charlie Eppes, is probably gonna do more math. And toward the end of the season, he will be doing math.” Krumholtz, 28, did manage to learn something from the show, though: ”Nothing is truly random.” Well, except for the questions on EW’s Personality Test…

1. My Dancing With the Stars number would be:
The White Boy ’80s Dance. Rockin’ back and forth, snappin’ my fingers, with a big ol’ smile on my face.

2. The celebrity I’m most often mistaken for:
People think I’m Vinnie Delpino from Doogie Howser. They don’t believe when I tell them I’m not. ”Why you lyin’? You a liar!” A drunk woman called me a ”f—in’ a–hole.”

3. Choose one:
British Office or American Office?
British Office

South Park or Family Guy?
South Park

4. Select a family:
(A) The Keatons
(B) The Conners
(C) The Huxtables
(D) The Seavers
The Huxtables. No doubt about it. I’ve been waiting 20 years to release my inner black child.

5. Which actor should play you in your life story?
I’d pick [Bobby costar] Shia LaBeouf, but he’d have to wear a prosthetic nose.

6. Which sequel are you most psyched for:
(A) Terminator 4
(B) Die Hard 4
(C) Indiana Jones 4
(D) Rambo 4
I’d like to see Die Hard 4 ’cause Bruce Willis can still kick ass. He has still got some years left in him, I think.

7. The band, past or present, I wish I could’ve been a member of:
I wish I could be the 10th member of the Wu-Tang Clan. The Old Jewish Bastard or something. [Laughs]

8. If the TV is on at 2 a.m., I’m watching:
I’m switchin’ back and forth between CNN and soft-core porn. I’ll admit it.

9. The Entourage character I most resemble:
(A) Vince
(B) Eric
(C) Turtle
(D) Drama
Vince, ’cause I’m the mack. I’m the leader of the pack.

10. What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
Probably the love of my girlfriend. Ahhh. That will make up for the soft-core porn comment.

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