Tanner Stransky
January 12, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST

Public spats with Donald Trump and others aside, more trouble for Rosie O’Donnell is coming in April with the scathing new book Little Pink Slips by former McCall’s magazine editor in chief Sally Koslow. McCall’s, you’ll recall, was one of the famed, decades-old “Seven Sisters” women’s titles before publisher Gruner + Jahr handed it over to Rosie in 2001, renamed it after her, and showed Koslow the door.

The magazine became much like those Oprah and Rachael Ray publish today, regularly featuring its namesake on the cover. (Remember the cover showing a grimacing Rosie holding up her staph-infected hand?) After a short time, the monthly went down in flames. O’Donnell and the publishers blamed each other, and the mess finally was cleaned up in courts.

Now, in the grand tradition of magazine tell-all books begun by former Vogue-ista Lauren Weisenberger’s The Devil Wears Prada, this new book features a main character, Bebe, who suspiciously, or not so suspiciously if you ask me, is very familiar. Bebe waltzes into Lady magazine and takes over, wresting creative control from editor Magnolia and renaming the magazine Bebe. Two recently released chapters paint a nasty picture of Bebe as the “well-fed” host of The Bebe Show, with “lady wrestler legs,” wearing “boots that looked compromised trying to support her.” At one photo shoot, she completely takes over and insists on wearing bike pants for the cover shot. Sound like anyone we know?

So far, Rosie is responding to Little Pink Slips by professing ignorance. On her blog, she claims she doesn’t even know who Koslow is. But whaddayou think, readers? Is the character really Rosie? Who should play Bebe and Magnolia in the movie? And how excited are you about the prospect of Rosie inviting Koslow onto The View for one of her now-signature (remember Kelly Ripa?) smackdowns?

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