Annie Barrett
January 12, 2007 AT 04:00 PM EST

Welcome to The “Eh” List, a roundup of stories I read but then lost interest in as yesterday afternoon wore on. Its original title was “Things We Couldn’t Bring Ourselves to Care About,” but that would have negated itself once it was posted for all the world to see, links and everything, and I try not to be a liar on the Internet. In real life, if I lie I can just take it back right away, but editing a PopWatch post involves multiple steps, multiple people (ew), and is therefore a way bigger hassle. I know what you’re thinking: Zzzzzzzz. I know. Happy Friday!

Posh & Becks (pictured) will invade America. He signed “the biggest deal in global sport history” to play with Los Angeles’ Galaxy. Will this make soccer popular in the States? And what will this mean for our great nation? Kidding — I just wanna see how much tackier California can make the retired Spice Girl.

Laura Innes talks about leaving ER after 11 seasons in a very cool, down-to-earth interview. Awww. Four or five years ago, I would have cared a lot, but at this point, eh. I recorded a few eps this fall to see if the reunion of Freaks and Geeks’ Kim Kelly and Lindsay Weir (Busy Philipps and Linda Cardellini, who now work together on ER), would be funny. It wasn’t. Sniff.

The city of Chino, Calif. doesn’t care that The O.C.‘s been canceled. For real? This is a story? Who cares what Chino thinks?

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