Whitney Pastorek
January 24, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST

Ah, well, dang. Paul Rudd just left. He said he’d come back… but I think now I’m suffering from a bit of a self-esteem problem. You tell me how you’d feel if Justin Timberlake, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sam Jackson, and Aidan Quinn had all turned down your very generous offer to give them an open forum in which to explore their innermost thoughts. I mean, sure, it’s a blog. And they’re all very busy and important, whereas I am just, you know, busy. But it’s all I have, people. It’s all I am. Oh, my heart.

Now the question on the table is: To see Hounddog, or not to see Hounddog? The time for today’s screening is nigh, but Antonio Banderas is on his way in here to do an interview for Summer Rain (he directed it), and Rudd swore he’d be back, and I could use this time to transcribe my interviews with Anna Faris and Daniel Gold and the super-cute cast from The Great World of Sound, and finally (JEEZ, WHITNEY!) blog about our party last weekend, and write up that No End in Sight post, and I could also eat something, and help EW ninja Neil Drumming celebrate his birthday, and, frankly, I’m a lot more interested in Hounddog from a train-wreck perspective than anything else, and that’s not nice. Also, I figure the picture can only benefit if I wait and let the hype die down. I know Dakota’s a terrific actress (and her sister’s a great blogger), and that’s enough for me.

Plus, someone just showed up with Thai food. Decision made.

A couple quick odds and ends: I realized I never thanked the nicepeople at Burton for giving me a snowboard and a chance to hurt myselfthe other day. Likewise, I wish to thank American Eagle for offering mea massage — which, oh, I forgot to mention, I never made it toyesterday because I was sitting around here waiting for AntonioBanderas to show up, much like I am right now. And given our earlierdiscussion about my underwear, you will be glad to know that I now ownthe same pair of AE Aerie boy-short undies that Molly Shannon does, andevery time I put them on I get this strange urge to talk about Gilmore Girls. Huh.

And finally, real quick — because I guess Banderas just got here –I’d like to thank the makers of Sundance 2007 for the awesome animatedscreen saver that plays before each film. There are these little flameswalking around with sunglasses on, and they’re writing movies andgetting interviewed and carrying reels of film and driving around inshuttle buses and — my favorite — sitting in a hot tub with cocktails.I could watch it for hours and find something new every time. I’m gladI didn’t forget to bring that up. Golly, I’ve been meaning to talkabout that since Day One. Wait. Did I already talk about that? There’sso much information in my brain right now I can’t remember what’sfallen out so far.

Oh, Antonio Banderas… take me away…

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