Tim Stack
February 02, 2007 AT 05:00 AM EST

Nicole Kidman may have to fend off malicious extraterrestrials in her upcoming sci-fi thriller The Invasion, but she had much bigger problems to deal with after an on-set car accident Jan. 25 briefly sent her to an L.A. hospital. The crash — which happened when a stunt car in which she was riding slammed into a pole — was just the latest crimp for the long-gestating project, a loose remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

It began shooting in September 2005 with Kidman (who earned a reported career-record $16 million paycheck) and a little-known British actor named Daniel Craig. At first, the problems were minor: Producers changed the title to The Visiting to avoid confusion with the ABC series Invasion. (The original title was restored after the show’s cancellation.) The film then missed its scheduled August 2006 release date without explanation. So while Warner Bros. execs had to be happy that nobody was seriously injured in the recent wreck, the inadvertent revelation that Invasion was still filming raises a pesky question: Why isn’t this movie — now slated to bow on Aug. 17 — finished yet? A Warner Bros. spokesman declined to comment, but it’s possible that the studio chose to ramp up Craig’s role to capitalize on his newfound popularity as James Bond. And given that Kidman was filming an automobile chase, the action may be getting a boost to lure summer movie audiences. At least, that’s our guess. Like any good invasion, though, details are being kept secret.

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