Michael Slezak
February 02, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST

And now, it’s time for a rousing game of “Judge a Book By Its Cover”! No need to feel guilty, PopWatchers, we’re going to focus on the 13 young ladies who’ll compete in the eighth season, er cycle, of America’s Next Top Model, which returns to The CW schedule Feb. 28. Inside Bay Area has photos of the entire baker’s dozen, which includes two plus-size (read: normal) contenders, and I’m kinda digging Jael (mostly because her name continues a fine ANTM tradition of ridonk monikers), Whitney (’cause it’s not gonna happen for the other ‘plus-size’ lady), and Natasha (who, as this picture shows, knows how to pout it out while standing in a wind tunnel). And my totally uninformed choice for Cycle Eight winner is: Natasha! (Why not?) You can catch some brief video of the gals at the show’s official site, but really, aren’t we going to be annoyed by all their personalities soon enough anyway? Let’s keep them mercifully wordless for another 26 days. It’s not like any of them will ever be Dani anyway. (Ahh, Dani, where you at?) Who’s your first-impression selection to win it all?

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