Michael Slezak
February 06, 2007 AT 08:13 PM EST

Don’t you just hate people who wait for your favorite TV show/band/book/movie to be embraced by the masses, then start pointing out everything that’s wrong with it? Yeah, I kinda hate those people too. Of course, right now, I’m going to be one of those people, and therefore, by the time I finish writing this blog item, I will officially hate myself. But that’s what a therapist is for, PopWatchers. And so, despite the rising urge to betch-slap myself the way invisi-guy Claude thwacked waffle-boy Peter (Milo Ventimiglia, pictured) during last night’s episode of Heroes, please allow me to point out the growing list of questions and inconsistencies that are detracting from my enjoyment of NBC’s Monday-night hit.

– Since turning herself in to the police (for a series of violent murders in which she tore her victims to shreds), Niki/Jessica has snapped a wooden baton in half and beaten the bejesus out of at least one guard. So how come her shrink was left alone in a room with her with only a taser?

– No one knows better than HRG that Sylar is a vicious murderer with unrivaled powers of escape. So how come he left that doctor dude all alone to treat Sylar? Why weren’t at least two or three armed guards stationed around the clock outside his glass cell, just in case the dude returned to consciousness and tried to bust loose? And how did Sylar get out of the paper factory without triggering an alarm system that would’ve alerted the Haitian or some other HRG cohorts?

– Why did Hiro’s father fly halfway around the globe, abduct his son (and his son’s friend) and have them driven to a warehouse, only to be convinced within a matter of minutes that his daughter was a more fitting heir to the family business?

– Why is Peter so deeply convinced Claude can help him control his powers? Wasn’t he just trying to get with Team Mohinder for the same reason? And didn’t you find it a little fishy he interpreted Simone hugging Isaac as some kind of huge betrayal? (Also, doesn’t Milo Ventimiglia’s acting seem twice as wooden when Sendhil Ramamurthy’s not around for comparison?)

– Also, why would HRG erase his wife’s memory when it would clearly be beneficial for her to recognize the face of the man who’s intent on killing their teenage daughter?

Okay, enough complaining from me. At least last night was a Mohinder-free zone. And at least TV’s most adorable canine, Mr. Muggles, has survived for another episode. It’s not like I’d ever miss an episode anyhow — but I mean, if the show’s writers were just a little more conscientious, couldn’t this show go from enjoyable to truly great? I’m not the only one bugged by the above set of questions, am I?

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