Michael Slezak
February 10, 2007 AT 06:06 AM EST

Pop Quiz, PopWatchers: Which would you rather watch? Clay Aiken’s video for “A Thousand Days,” Kimberley Locke’s new video for “Change,” or a YouTube clip starring a baby panda? I know, you’re probably thinking, it’s the weekend, and you don’t have time for philosophical dilemmas. So let me help you by breaking it all down:

  • While I was never a massive Kimberley Locke fan during her run on season 2 of Idol, and while I found her debut CD, One Love, a little bit meh, “Change” (the first single off her sophomore effort, Based on a True Story) is a rather rousing slice of anthemic balladry. It makes you want to stand out in the rain with tears streaming down your face, then run from your past and toward your destiny. Or tear up to the airport in your environmentally responsible vehicle, dash toward the boarding gates, and unload that secret you’ve been holding back from a loved one before he or she flies off into the sunset. Okay, yes, it’s a cliché-fest. But it’s a really, really catchy one. Kimberley is in fine vocal form, and she looks svelte and sexy in a video clip (streaming here) that makes surprisingly good use of its $314 budget. This woman deserves a hit! (It’s kind of a shame she’s been forced to slum it on the latest edition VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. Le sigh.)
  • Clay’s video (streaming here) — which appears to have been shot on a budget even paltrier than Locke’s — is essentially an in-studio performance clip. If you like your vocals bombastic, and you like your Clay making sexyface to the cameras, then this is the video for you! I, however, will not watch it again, at least not for a thousand days. I know, I’m a betch, he’s an easy target. But also, it’s not a good song. Sorry, Claymates.
  • Finally, because I am not a fan of spoilers, I refuse to discuss the panda video. But I implore you to watch it for yourself by clicking below. It is 14 seconds of pure bliss. And how often do I describe anything as “pure bliss,” PopWatchers? Think about that. And have a lovely weekend.

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