Michael Slezak
February 10, 2007 AT 05:23 AM EST

My morning subway commute is supposed to be a quiet time. A time to read my horse-racing magazines, zone out with some Jody Watley tunes on my iPod, start fantasizing about what I’ll have for lunch, try to avoid eye contact with the crazy lady. It is not supposed to be a time when Lionsgate Films ambushes me with freakishly disturbing images that send me into the emotional fetal position. For example, its new ad campaign for The Abandoned, featuring a black-and-white picture of a cracked, chapped dollbaby that’s crying a single, sinister tear of blood. What the hell? It is not right. It is not okay. I am alarmed and outraged. (Also, I’m totally gonna go see it when it opens on Feb. 23.)

If you’re brave enough, click here to see the poster, and let me know what you think. I’ll be trying to get an emergency appointment with my therapist.

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