Michelle Kung
February 15, 2007 AT 08:34 PM EST

What have Jamie Foxx and Joaquin Phoenix wrought? Now that Hollywood sees music biopics as gateways to critical acclaim and Oscars, any singer is game — even ones that never really did their own singing. According to Variety, Universal Pictures is developing a biopic about Milli Vanilli, the vocal duo that infamously had to give up their 1990 Grammy for Best New Artist after it was discovered they lip-synched their way through catchy hits like “Blame It On the Rain” and “Girl You Know It’s True.” And it definitely sounds like a wannabe prestige project: screenwriter Jeff Nathanson, who first explored the world of cons and chicanery in the Leo DiCaprio/Steven Spielberg vehicle Catch Me If You Can, is set to write, and has secured the help of alumnus Fabrice Morvan (partner Rob Pilatus OD’d in 1998).

Between the music, the drugs, the robbery, the jail time, and the attempted comebacks, I’d say the film is destined for awards. Until, of course, it’s discovered that the two leads didn’t really act out their parts and relied on stand-ins. Speaking of which, whom would you cast in a Milli Vanilli movie? Are there other “artists” more deserving of the biopic treatment?

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