Joshua Rich
February 21, 2007 AT 04:00 PM EST

As you may have heard, the Academy Awards will be held this Sunday evening in Hollywood. Who’s gonna win an Oscar? We’ll see. Pundits like EW’s crack panel say there’s a good chance that Helen Mirren will walk away with a statuette for her work in The Queen, while Forest Whitaker is a favorite to take home a little gold guy for playing Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland. Jennifer Hudson, most agree, will probably win a Best Supporting Actress prize for her debut role in Dreamgirls, and her costar Eddie Murphy may also snag a trophy. But which movie will win the Best Picture award? Smart money’s on the folks from The Departed or Babel heading up on stage and grabbing their … wait a sec, PopWatchers, I’ve run out of Oscar nicknames! Academy Award. Oscar. Statuette. Little gold guy. Prize. Trophy. Oh no! Bad time for this to happen, considering all the stuff we’ve gotta write in the next week. I’m racking my brain but coming up with nothing (well, nothing clever or clean, at least). Paperweight — no. Stiffie — um, NO. Can you help? What else might we call the little gol… I mean, priz… I mean, statuet… I mean, ugh! Your ideas, people, let’s go!

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