Michael Slezak
February 22, 2007 AT 05:37 AM EST

I’ll admit it: I’m kind of excited by the news that ABC is planning a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff focusing on Kate Walsh’s appealing Addison Shepherd. Yet while I’ve got faith in Shonda Rhimes’ vision, I’d hate to see network suits water the project down into a sitcom called Addison!, about a neurotic pediatric surgeon living out of a high-end Manhattan hotel populated with wacky characters. To avoid such a heinous possibility, I thought we could all participate in a little brainstorming session to ensure the spinoff’s success. Shonda, PopWatch will gladly take an associate producer credit (and a cut of the profits, natch) if any of these ideas inspire you. I’ll start with my pitch — which might be a little too Grey’s-meets-Brothers & Sisters to qualify as truly original. Then again, it also features babies. And everybody loves babies!

Deciding she’s never given up on finding true love, Addison decides to go the single-mother route, visits a fertility clinic for artificial insemination, and winds up pregnant with — egads! — triplets. Overwhelmed by the news, she accepts a job as chief of surgery at an Arizona hospital, where she can live closer to her retired parents (Ellen Burstyn and Paul Sorvino — remember their delicious pairing on That’s Life?), viciously competitive dentist sister (Téa Leoni), wannabe-actor gay brother (Dermot Mulroney) and his hubby (Blair Underwood), who just so happens to be one of Addison’s best friends from med school/new coworker. The series could then focus on Addison’s quest to juggle her career, her triplets, her overbearing family — and, of course, a couple of potential McMatches.

Okay, PopWatchers, your turn: How would you spin off Addison from Grey’s? Ready, set, pitch!

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