Adam B. Vary
February 22, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST

It is the eternal debate of our time: which verbal tic of American Idol judge Randy Jackson is more irksome, “dawg” or “pitchy”? “Dawg,” of course, can pop up for any reason whatsoever, but it’s usually only in reference to a guy. “Pitchy,” meanwhile, is Randy’s (and Paula’s) knee-jerk, go-to criticism for anyone, but that rears its head only after wobbly singers. So which is worse? We’ll keep count of each utterance (from every judge) all season to see which offending word comes out on top.

Top 24: The Guys
Dawg — 12
Pitchy — 8

Top 24: The Gals
Dawg — 3*
Pitchy — 3

Dawg — 15
Pitchy — 11

*Includes a “dawg-pound,” but the PopWatch Ref has ruled ineligible the multiple utterances of “dog” and “dog-walker” from Randy and Simon after dog-walker Leslie Hunt’s performance.

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