Annie Barrett
February 22, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST

Did anyone else catch Oprah on Ellen today for the first time in history? I was so pumped after seeing the lively promos all week of the pair in a convertible and Ellen singing as loudly — but not as pitchy, dawg — as Gayle did on Oprah and Gayle’s Big Adventure (which I never saw, and now I’m kind of glad). I was hoping for much more Most Powerful Women Ever campiness and fewer conversations about how wealthy they both were. (“Cars are nice.” “I like real estate a lot.”) One highlight was when Oprah told Ellen “You always look so cute and fresh” and Ellen just laughed. Opes was there to promote two nighttime shows — her Oscar Special, which airs tonight at 10, and “Building a Dream,” about the school she established in South Africa for little girls who have the light inside of them.
As for how Ellen feels about Sunday night’s hosting duties…. “Well, I’m gonna drink a little bit,” she says.

What would you have liked to see Oprah and Ellen do together? Besides feign homelessness and wear fat suits, because the most influential talk show host ever has already taken care of those.

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