Dry Ice

Genre: Mystery and Thriller, Fiction; Author: Stephen White; Publisher: Dutton Adult

Can psychotherapy cope with pure evil? wonders shrewd Boulder, Colo., shrink Alan Gregory in Stephen White’s Dry Ice. The question comes up after a psychopathic ex-patient — spared prison by Gregory’s refusal to violate doctor-patient confidentiality — escapes from a mental hospital. Soon, Gregory is implicated in a woman’s disappearance and the apparent suicide of another patient. These events trash his professional standing, while that pesky ethics code again bars him from talking to the cops or his DA wife about a possible frame-up by a devious foe. White’s latest Gregory yarn makes evil subtly realistic; the quiet threat to our hero’s marriage and career is as gripping as any physical menace. B+

Originally posted February 23 2007 — 12:00 AM EST

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