Michael Endelman
February 23, 2007 AT 05:00 AM EST

Reconciliation is in the air in 2007, as disbanded musical acts of yesteryear like the Police, Rage Against the Machine, and Genesis (the Phil Collins version) are mending fences and getting back together. So we’ve been wondering: Which supergroups haven’t caved in for cash or nostalgia — and how likely is it that they ever will? Take a look.


THE BREAKUP Split in 1980 after the death of drumming manimal John Bonham. WHERE THEY STAND Rumors of an ’07 tour are pure baloney. First off, Robert Plant is reportedly working on a new album with bluegrass thrush Alison Krauss. Secondly, bassist John Paul Jones was miffed back in 1994 about not being invited to contribute to an album by Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page; now he’s busy as a producer. ODDS IT WILL HAPPEN 20-1


THE BREAKUP The British mope-rockers dissolved soon after guitarist Johnny Marr left over creative struggles in 1987. WHERE THEY STAND Battles over royalties have kept relations chilly. Marr now plays with Modest Mouse, and Morrissey admitted that they turned down $5 million to reunite at 2006’s Coachella festival. Last year, he told Uncut magazine he’d rather ”eat my own testicles” than regroup. ODDS IT WILL HAPPEN 1,000-1


THE BREAKUP After years of tensions over credit and control, singer David Byrne announced the band’s dissolution in 1991 — via a newspaper article. WHERE THEY STAND Relations between Byrne and his bandmates were strained when he sued the other three for billing themselves as the Heads in 1996. And he’s frequently said he’s uninterested in rehashing the past, so it’ll never be the same as it ever was. ODDS IT WILL HAPPEN 50-1


THE BREAKUP Called it quits in ’82 in the wake of two divorces and side projects. WHERE THEY STAND The quartet was offered $1 billion for a tour in 2000, and they still refused to reunite. But Benny Andersson and Bj?rn Ulvaeus keep their catchy catalog alive with the Mamma Mia! Broadway musical. Hardcore fans can check out Stockholm’s ABBA museum, opening in 2008. ODDS IT WILL HAPPEN $1,000,000,000-1

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