Annie Barrett
February 27, 2007 AT 05:30 AM EST

Annie: Hey. Check this out. Merv Griffin’s game show about playing crosswords is taking over NBC!
Slezak: 3 down: idea for a really boring TV show
Slezak: 5 across: cure for insomnia
Annie: 7 across: W-H-Y
Slezak: ALOL
Annie: What is the A?
Slezak: Actually. (I made it up.)
Annie: I was thinking “audibly” because I don’t use LOL, I use AL (audibly laughing).
Slezak: That works too.
Annie: No, it’s redundant, like this game show and sort of this convo.
Slezak: 4 down: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Annie: 8 across: You’re drooling
Slezak: 6 down: You’re lazy
Annie: 15 down: I have my dictionary in my lap
Slezak: 34 across: Hit song by Enya!
Slezak: Why did I type that?
Slezak: You’re deleting half of my comments, right?
Annie: Yeah, I’ll definitely delete that one about Enya.
Slezak: 44 down: Rapid cancellation.
Annie: 710 down: It’s 7:10. I’m out of here.

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