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Would you pay to see Rebbie Jackson? (With Michael and Janet?)

I’m not convinced that Roger Friedman’s FoxNews.com headline — “Broke Jackson Family to Tour Again” — is anything more than unsubstantiated rumor, but a minor detail in his story about a reunion jaunt involving Michael, Janet, Jermaine, and Tito — the possible involvement of lesser-known sister Rebbie — led me to this awesomely bad ’80s video for her single “Centipede.” Sure, the track pales in comparison to Rebbie’s kickier “Reaction,” but that doesn’t mean the “Centipede” clip isn’t worth watching. (Click here and see for yourself!) Is Rebbie supposed to be the tiger, or the electric cobra, or perhaps the titular insect itself? Or is she all these mythical creatures rolled into one rhythm-challenged woman who’s trapped in a painting? Oh Rebbie, come back to the spotlight and explain it all — including your inspiration for the lyric, “Like you crawled into the bathroom window/ To bite him with your love.” You’ve been gone so long — too long — and the Billboard charts suffer from a dearth of your beguiling oddness.

Originally posted February 27 2007 — 6:14 PM EST

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