Clark Collis
March 02, 2007 AT 05:00 AM EST

A few months ago, when EW dared ask Dame Helen Mirren who would be this year’s Best Actress, she threatened to throttle us. Now, we have our answer, and less than 12 hours after her coronation by the Academy, Mirren has a schedule as hectic as that of her onscreen alter ego Elizabeth II: a phone call to The Ellen DeGeneres Show; a gentle grilling by Oprah; a flight to London; and this brief moment of repose on a loading dock at Oscar’s home, the Kodak. Still, one mystery remains — whether the Queen has actually seen The Queen. ”I don’t know,” muses Mirren. ”But I imagine, just like a scene from the movie, somebody probably had to knock on her door and say, ‘Ma’am? That woman won the Academy Award!”’

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