Tim Stack
March 02, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST

The odds on ”Dancing With the Stars”

Our favorite celebration of sequins and mid-level celebrities, Dancing With the Stars, returns for its fourth season March 19 on ABC. Based on past hits and missteps, we size up three of the contestants.


The country singer with the famously breaky heart will now bust some moves.

Why He’ll Win Cyrus should be comfortable gyrating in front of millions of people. Plus, viewers might mistake him for his more popular doppelgänger, Keith Urban.

Why He Won’t America still blames him for the unwelcome early-’90s resurrection of the mullet.

ODDS 3-1


The guy on Beverly Hills, 90210 who wasn’t Brandon or Dylan. No, not David Silver. C’mon, you remember…

Why He’ll Win He knows how to deal with high-stress situations (hi, Shannen Doherty!), and judging from 90210, he isn’t afraid of man cleavage.

Why He Won’t As revenge for her omission, Gabrielle Carteris fans could vote against him.

ODDS 7-1


Best known for her messy breakup with Paul McCartney, Mills had better hope she comes off more favorably on the dance floor than she does in the press.

Why She’ll Win Because she was married to one of the most beloved musicians of all time.

Why She Won’t Everyone is thinking it, so we’ll just come out and say it: She’s missing…a solid dance background.

ODDS 15-1

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