Leah Greenblatt
March 06, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST

Michael Brennan, superstar! If you don’t know the 48-year-old visual artist from Moorestown, New Jersey that’s likely because you haven’t yet heard the customized song, written for him by platinum-selling pop-rock goofballs Barenaked Ladies. And what did Brennan do to deserve such an honor? Well, he clicked. More specifically, he clicked on a song called “Diamond Ring” from Delta bluesman Mississippi Fred McDowell’s album, This Ain’t No Rock and Roll (Arhoolie Records), last December, making it the official 100-millionth track to be downloaded from the digital music retailer eMusic.com. Hence, his prize. “Michael Brennan” is available starting today for one month, before being bundled on eMusic with the new album Barenaked Ladies Are Men (Desperation Records/Nettwerk).

Mind you, the Ladies have always been shticky (if they could get Chan Marshall or Morrissey to perform “Leah Greenblatt You Are a Wonderful Pretty Princess”? Now, that would be noteworthy), and we’re not above a little commercial bribery in the form of immortalization-via-song; the avant-pop artist Momus even once offered customized odes for a price to fans in order to dig himself out of label debt. But what do EW.com readers think — is this cute or crass? Or are we just jealous Mr. Brennan gets to be King for a Day (fine, for a month)?

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