Whitney Pastorek
March 07, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST

Well, I set up a contest to see who could find the best Arcade Fire backlash out there, and intended to let it run for the whole day, but I’m calling this one early, kids, because someone just blew the doors off the joint:

While I enjoyed several of the comments on the board suggested by Michelle (“That’s precisely what I think of the arcade fire. I think of a mountain-sized pile of sh– and a single violin sticking up from it.”), agree with Brad in Edmonton and John Kramer that playlouder.com’s review is probably the worst out there (”pretty f—ing poor even if by only their own lofty standards.”), and applaud Jen O. loudly for coining “meta-backlashing,” today’s award can only go to this:

Not exactly backlash, but so pitch-perfect I couldn’t not. So now here’s the question: Do I give the prize to commenter Lewis,who posted the link to that brilliance (“Can we interest you in someKenny Chesney tickets?”), or should I track down director JonathanEmmerling and give it to him? Does it help if you know that the prizeis a choice between a Prison Break hat or a Dokken CD/DVD set?

And for the record, of course, I am personally loving Neon Bibleas much now as I did the first time through, and still can’t stoplistening to “Intervention” over and over and over. My only complaintis the amount of time it took me to get the CD out of the fancycardboard sleeve: approximately two minutes, after which I took it outto the hall and got a co-worker to help me. So, you know. That sucked.In fact, I hate this band now. ARCRAP FIRE!

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