Katy Caldwell
March 07, 2007 AT 07:21 PM EST

Whoever is programming CBS’s Monday night line-up between the hours of 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. is on a sleazy man-whore roll! Every sitcom on that night currently has a sleazy man-whore as a mascot/breakout character — except for one, The Class, and that show aired what was most likely its series finale Monday night. How I Met Your Mother has the metrosexual horn-dog (and. in my opinion. the best of ‘em) Barney Stinson. (Neil Patrick Harris, upper left). Two and a Half Men has the sleazy man-whore who started the trend, Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen, upper right). And Rules of Engagement has the indiscriminate skirt-chaser Russell, who apparently can’t even commit to a last name (David Spade, lower left). Next week sees the return of The New Adventures of Old Christine; do we want to place bets on a new character showing up on Christine’s stoop? Perhaps a confirmed bachelor who is a bit full of himself, with great one-liners known as the town’s ladies man? And who should play this new man-whore?

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