Michelle Kung
March 08, 2007 AT 09:28 PM EST

Shia LaBeouf must have done something extremely good in a previous life, because he’s getting hit with a truckload of good karma casting. Not only is the Disney Channel breakout the star of this summer’s Transformers (pictured), a practically surefire fit from director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg, but the latter is apparently so besotted with the 20-year-old actor that he’s cast him as Harrison Ford’s son in the finally-moving fourth Indiana Jones installment. Though precious few other details have been released about the film, it’s expected to begin shooting this summer for a 2008 release.

Between his trippy performance last year in Emilio Estevez’s Bobby and winning turn in 2003’s family flick Holes, LaBeouf certainly has the potential to make more of name for himself, but I’m not fully convinced that he’s a major star in the works. In the past few years, he’s primarily played the quirky sidekick (in such films as Constantine and I, Robot), and he has an obligatory teen gorefest — the Rear Window-ish Disturbia — in the can. Then again, who am I to second-guess Steven Spielberg? One thing’s for sure: entertainment journos are going to be spell-checking his name a lot in the upcoming year.

What say you, PopWatchers? Can LaBeouf pass as Harrison Ford’s son? Is he primed to become a ShoWest Star of Tomorrow?

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