Annie Barrett
March 08, 2007 AT 08:50 PM EST

Oh my God, it’s finally here! Tonight’s elimination show will supposedly include “the biggest thing to happen to Idol in five years,” according to exec producer Nigel Lythgoe. So what will it be? They’ve been hyping it for weeks, so it couldn’t have anything to do with Rosie O’Donnell’s whole racism/weightism accusation (regarding the seeming double standard in the show’s responses to the photo scandals of Antonella Barba, pictured, and Frenchie Davis) on The View earlier this week, or Lythgoe’s response to Rosie’s “oblivious self-promotion.” I’m guessing the big announcement will be either a format change or extra-extra-special guest to come on later in the season. So… which special guest? Could there be a male and female winner? Will “America” get to vote back their favorite castoffs? Or will it be something where the singers all have to turn on each other, Survivor-style? That could be strangely fulfilling. What do you think?

addCredit(“Antonella Barba: Frank Micelotta”)

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