Paul Katz
March 09, 2007 AT 05:00 AM EST

Ghost: Special Collector’s Edition

The supernatural story still haunts, but does the Patrick Swayze-Demi Moore romance deserve an afterlife with Ghost: Special Collector’s Edition (PG-13, 126 mins., 1990)?

Pithy commentary from director Jerry Zucker and Oscar-winning screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin; a featurette in which Zucker reveals who passed on the undead lead (Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford) and Swayze shares his theory that the film’s muddy love scene, set to the strains of ”Unchained Melody,” ”increased enrollment in pottery classes all over the planet.”

The recycled commentary, plus a 13-minute making-of with the creators, Swayze, and Whoopi Goldberg, who riffs on the competition for her Oscar-winning role as a streetwise psychic: ”Every woman of color [auditioned]. People painted themselves to get this part.” Two more docs discuss the ethereal accuracy of the movie (”Inside the Paranormal”) and the aphrodisiac properties of clay (”Alchemy of a Love Scene”).

A tearful no. Most Ghost stories improve with retelling, but Zucker and Rubin repeating themselves? Swayze’s character’s not the only one overusing the term ditto.

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