Andrew Eccles
EW Staff
March 11, 2007 AT 05:00 AM EDT

Recently, on EW’s PopWatch blog, we asked for your ideas for Ugly Betty plot twists. We took three of your submissions to head writer and executive producer Silvio Horta for his feedback. Here are the pitches, and his response.

THE PITCH: Daniel vanishes again after Sofia reappears, and Betty covers for him by secretly running Mode herself. She enlists Amanda to act as her ”assistant” and makes her do all kinds of menial tasks.
EXEC PRODUCER SILVIO HORTA: A lot of the early episodes were about Betty saving the day and protecting her boss, and we?re trying to move beyond that. But it would have been a great episode in the first batch.

THE PITCH: Amanda should have some pictures of her teen years turn up in which she looks remarkably like Betty, with braces, thick eyebrows, and bad fashion sense.
HORTA: We’ve toyed with that one. Actually, we have it that one of the reasons she hates Betty so much is she hates that side of herself.

THE PITCH: Marc is busted for a DUI and becomes Justin’s Big Brother as his community service.
HORTA: I like it! That’s cute. But what do we do if we like it? We could take the idea and then get sued. This one is my favorite.

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