Michelle Kung
March 15, 2007 AT 07:31 PM EDT

I love David Duchovny. I’m a total X-Phile, can sing all the lyrics to Bree Sharp’s musical valentine to him, and also know that the topic of his (almost) Yale dissertation was “Magic and Technology in 20th-Century Prose and Poetry.” (Yes, I am that obsessed.) What I do not love are David Duchovny movies. Connie & Carla? House of D? Trust the Man? It’s enough to drive a fan mad (though his Zoolander cameo was a hoot).

Thus, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the actor is returning to his TV roots by signing on for an as-yet-untitled Showtime sitcom about a sex-crazed writer with a teenage daughter and an ex-girlfriend he still longs for. It’s fitting, since Showtime is actually where Duchovny’s career began to take off in 1992, following a brief gig as Twin Peaks‘ DEA Agent Dennis/Denise and a couple of thankless movie spots (Beethoven!). He starred for several years in the cabler’s raunchy, but well-reviewed Red Shoe Diaries, playing a sex-crazed architect with a deceased wife he still longs for, a guy who solicits other people’s erotic letters and reads them to his dog. Maybe being back on Showtime will give his career a much needed jump-start. What say you, PopWatchers? Do you still want to believe in Duchovny?

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