Michael Slezak
March 16, 2007 AT 07:06 PM EDT

There’s a pretty unexpected common thread in today’s newspaper reviews of the new time-warp thriller, Premonition. No, it’s not that critics liked the film — their assessments ranged from barely middling to downright dreadful — but rather, that its star, Sandra Bullock (pictured), manages to give a winning performance in spite of the lackluster material. Check out this roundup of reviews, and if you see it yourself this weekend, let your fellow PopWatchers know what you thought:

Chris Kaltenbach, Baltimore Sun: “Bullock is so good, working hard to pull off the transition from grief-stricken wife and mother to reluctant time traveler, you want to pull for her. So it’s possible —  not easy, but possible — to overlook the script’s inconsistencies.”

Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune: “Bullock keeps her head down and acts with quietly considered intensity. It’s easy to forget that she’s a shrewd actress in many different genres, not just comedy. In drama, she’s not the sort of performer who seems to be making things up as she goes — she’s all about steady gazes and being in control, even when things are spinning out of control — but Bullock’s razor-sharp technique has saved many a lesser film.”

addCredit(“Premonition: Ron Batzdorff”)

Carla Meyer, McClatchy Newspapers: “Though her choice of project is troubling, Bullock gives a respectable performance as the sometime-widow, Linda.”

Betsy Pickle, Knoxville News Sentinel:”One of the things that makes Sandra Bullock a movie star is that shecan usually get audiences to go along on her film journeys, no matterhow far-fetched they are. That’s the case with Premonition, a time-fractured thriller that couldn’t possibly happen and yet manages to keep viewers on board.”

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel: “Confusing, convoluted and yet gripping and emotional — almost in spite of itself — Premonitionis the first movie Sandra Bullock has successfully ‘carried’ in years.She abandons any pretext of her perkiness and summons every last dropof empathy as a woman whose clairvoyance spells trouble for her life,her family and her marriage.”

David Germain, Associated Press:”Bullock is on screen virtually every moment of the movie and breathesfar more soul into the role than her superficially written charactermerits.”

Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times:”Bullock, a consistently underrated actress who’s very good here, is awelcome point of stillness in the whirling complications of the plot.As the action screeches back and forth from present to past toI-know-not-what, she keeps her performance quiet (except for a fewessential moments of rage), simple and clear. You connect with Linda,even as the movie leaves you behind.”

Claudia Puig, USA Today:”Bullock’s acting is fine, particularly when she’s challenged in someof the film’s better scenes to appear as if she’s going crazy. But whydoes she keep choosing such forced and clunky pseudo-surreal materiallike this movie and last year’s The Lake House.”

William Arnold, Seattle Post-Intelligencer:”Suffering through this thing, it’s hard not to get a little angry atBullock. She’s a unique star, and one who’s equally gifted at comedy (Two Weeks Notice) and drama (Infamous). Does she really need the money badly enough to do insipid potboilers like this?”

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