Michael Slezak
March 16, 2007 AT 11:43 PM EDT

Waitress (April 27) The Sundance sensation from late actress-director Adrienne Shelly stars the delightful Keri Russell (pictured) as a pregnant, pie-making artiste, which in itself makes the movie a must-see for me, but the added presence of Cheryl Hines and Nathan Fillion doesn’t hurt, either. That said, this trailer feels oddly disjointed to me, and aside from the closing kicker from Russell about a bad-food list, it’s a little light on laughs. Is it time to demand a recut?

The Reaping (March 30) Dead livestock! Rivers of blood! A wild-eyed mother who wants two-time Oscar-winner Hilary Swank to kill her baby! I can’t say I found the trailer for this Biblical-plague thriller particularly frightening (not with robotically delivered howlers like “I’ve investigated 48 miraculous occurrences, with 48 scientific explanations”), but the swarms of locusts made my skin crawl a little. Anyone putting this on their must-see list?

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