Whitney Pastorek
March 21, 2007 AT 07:28 PM EDT

If you weren’t watching Letterman last night — and why would you be? Leno is so much funnier! — then you missed a pretty decent guest-hosting gig from Adam Sandler. The comedian-turned-serious-actor- who-still-has-a-funny-voice has been out plugging his 9/11 drama, Reign Over Me (he is in fact staring at me from Regis and Kelly right now), and when Letterman went down with the stomach flu, Sandler jumped in to host, bringing costar Don Cheadle with him. The two were subsequently late to their own premiere, but I’d say it was worth it for introducing America to the Ed McMahon-like charms of Matzoball, Sandler’s English bulldog, and for one very special man-on-man rendition of “Endless Love.” (That magic moment can be seen here, as can the opening monologue.)

We certainly hope Dave gets better soon — and more than that, we hope that the mysterious e-mail we received yesterday telling us that Calvert DeForest, a.k.a. Larry “Bud” Melman, had passed away turns out to be a hoax, and had nothing to do with Dave’s absence. Meanwhile, PopWatchers: On the scale of awesome Letterman guest-hosts, where would you put the Waterboy? And who remains the best-ever? I’d have to vote for Bonnie Hunt, but that’s because she remains the most underappreciated woman in showbiz…

UPDATE: Oh my god… SARCASM, people.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Because I can’t leave anything alone today, kids…MASSIVE POPWATCH PROPS to commenter “aa,” who dropped a brilliantsuggestion: Next timeDave needs a guest host? How about putting in a call to Neil PatrickHarris, a.k.a. Barney from How I Met Your Mother,whose episode-ending Top 10 list from Monday night– complete withdead-on Letterman giggle — was, indeed, a thing of rare beauty.

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