Whitney Pastorek
March 22, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

As Annie bemoans her lost Twinkie, permit me to rave about the press kit I just got for Fox’s cross-country-race-with- a-deeper-darker-meaning series Drive, because it is the HANDIEST THING EVER. A poncho! Bandaids, wetnaps, alcohol swabs, medical scissors, safety pins, plastic gloves! A “Call Police” sign for the car I don’t have! A flashlight that does not say “Drive” on it, thus making it useful outside of the office! Batteries for said flashlight! An orange safety vest for when I pretend to be a crossing guard! A collection of fake IDs! A shock cord! And a whistle — all in a handy tiny tote bag!It’s like someone went to PepBoys and was told to spend no more than $5. I loves it.

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