Michael Slezak
March 23, 2007 AT 09:08 PM EDT

For those of you who’ve spent the last 11 or so months obsessively YouTubing Elliott Yamin’s season 5 Idol clips — not that I know anything about such behavior — well, it’s time to enter 2007. Which isn’t to suggest you switch allegiances to Phil Stacey (though he could certainly use your help) but rather, to report that E Double’s new video for “Wait for You” is now streaming at YahooMusic (and YouTube, too). And, better still, it ain’t half bad.

Most notable is the Extreme Makeover: Elliott Edition, what with those stylin’ longer locks (pictured) and flawless teeth that’d put Tom Cruise to shame. But those aren’t the only things that caught my eye about “Wait for You.” There’s that glorious Angela Adams rug in Elliott’s bedroom (the very same one, I believe, that appeared on Jen Schefft’s season of The Bachelor), the adorable little birds sprinting across the surf, and a bathroom counter that features actual product. (Ten points for realistic set design!) Sure, the clip doesn’t flip the script on the standard feeling-angsty-at-home-while-daydreaming-of-lost-love cliché, and those shots of Elliott’s woman clutching a chain-link fence are, well, just odd, but the underrated Idol looks comfortable and confident starring in his own video — and that’s exactly where he belongs, no?

For more scoop on Elliott’s debut CD, check out my exclusive interview with Mr. Yamin on the latest episode of Idolatry.

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