Michael Slezak
April 02, 2007 AT 08:11 PM EDT

Is Balthazar Getty’s character on Brothers & Sisters so boring even the show’s cast and crew can’t remember his name? During last night’s episode, the Walker kids’ illegitimate half-sister Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) was arguing with her mother (Patricia Wettig) about accepting a dinner invite from Walker matriarch Nora (Sally Field), and snapped, “You work with Tony Walker. Is that uncomfortable?” I rewound the scene twice, just to be sure, since Wettig’s character has invested in a vineyard with Getty’s Tommy Walker. Which got me wondering: Was this an accidental flub by VanCamp that nobody on set bothered to notice? Was it a commentary that Rebecca doesn’t yet know all of her estranged siblings’ names? Did my DVR malfunction and turn VanCamp’s ”mmm” to ”nnn”? Or did we perhaps witness a cheeky acknowledgement by the show’s writing team that Tommy needs some character traits — other than sterility and petulance, that is — pronto?

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