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Adam B. Vary
April 02, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

With a raft of upcoming projects this year — a voice in the current hit TMNT, next month’s The Nanny Diaries, this summer’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Danny Boyle’s upcoming sci-fi thriller Sunshine — we thought we’d check in with actor Chris Evans to see what else he’s got on his crowded plate. He’ll soon start shooting The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, an adaptation of an unproduced Tennessee Williams screenplay co-starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Ellen Burstyn, and Ann-Margret, but it’s his newest project — an Iraq War drama helmed by Mark Pellington (The Mothman Prophesies) — that has us really intrigued.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So what’s next for you?
CHRIS EVANS: I read this script that I attached myself to called Under the Blue Sky. It’s such a good script. Mark Pellington is going to direct it. It’s not exactly an uplifting story. It’s about someone coming home from the war. But it’s [potentially] a great film.

The Iraq war?
That’s right.

When would you be filming?
Probably later on in the year, hopefully. Probably September.

You would play the guy coming home?
That’s right. The movie opens up with him and about six of his buddies in Iraq. They’re coming close to the end of their tour, and they’ve all made an agreement with one another: If any of them die in battle, they’ll go to their respective parents’ house and tell the parents that their son died quickly, painlessly, bravely. Unfortunately, a couple days before their tour’s over, they get hit by a car bomb. Out of these seven or eight buddies, they all die except him and his friend. Pretty gruesome, unfortunate deaths. It just kind of destroys this guy’s brain. He falls off track for about a year; hits the bottle a little bit. But after a year he realizes he can’t get his life back together until he makes good on his promise. [He] meets up with a young lady, they kind of fall in love, and they work their way across the country to each one of these houses to put his friends’ parents’ minds at ease.

Is anyone else attached?
Not quite yet. We’re talking to a few girls now that I would love if they signed on. But nothing official yet. They’re still trying to fish around for money, so you know how that can go.

So it’s an independent project.

This role would be a bit of a new direction for you.
It would be. That’s the beauty of movies. You get to all of a sudden decide, you know, ”I’ve done this now, and I’m curious about this over here.” And you can go try your hand at it.

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