Whitney Pastorek
April 03, 2007 AT 06:23 PM EDT

Okay, so these exclusive photos over at Yahoo! Movies are basically just blurry pictures of robots. But I was in a sports bar last night watching the Astros lose their first game of the season — nice to see Brad Lidge continuing his downward spiral — and when a Transformers trailer came on the big screen, a full 8 or 9 grown men started singing the theme song at the top of their lungs. So I’m fairly certain at least some of you will be very, very excited to see them.And I’ll admit, that third shot of Bonecrusher chasing a bus down the freeway is pretty damn cool.So, on our PopWatch Spazz-Out Scale, where 1 is a new episode of What Not to Wear and 10 is the seventh and final Harry Potter book, where do you rank these shots, kids?

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