Annie Barrett
April 04, 2007 AT 07:30 PM EDT

Rise and shine, PopWatchers! I’m sorry you had vivid, terrifying nightmares about Josh Groban, but get a grip and let’s talk last night’s Dancing With the Stars results show! First up: Ciara and a troupe of backup dancers I wish had been whacked off the floor by Maksim’s masterfully wielded cape — too bad they didn’t get to perform in the same number. Survivor showed up, “liiiiiive,” to sing “Eye of the Tiger” while the pros danced the paso doble — the closeups on Mr. Lead Singer of Survivor were kind of painful, but I did feel a little bad for him because no one in the audience clapped during his song unless the dancers did something pretty. Jimmy Kimmel did the same exact skit he did last week. And then my DVR — that little turd disguised as a sleek silver box — cut out. So I sucked it up, went online, and found out that not only did I miss a numerologist and an aura reader (uhh…) but Shandi Finnessey and Brian Fortuna got the boot. Sounds about right. But what do you think? Should another star have gone instead? 

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