Annie Barrett
April 05, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

TV Squad put together a formidable list of TV’s 18 greatest drinkeries. At the end, the beleaguered writer makes a formal apology for not including a few faves like The O.C.‘s Bait Shop (duh — bright yellow bug juice) and Martini Bar, where all the lawyers hung out on Ally McBeal. But wasn’t it really much more than hanging out? I always felt like they were at someone’s wedding reception.

Cheers (pictured) scored the top spot, even though Gary Susman and I agree that it would be better if the bar was just fictional, and not the nondescript Boston tourist trap that is the Bull & Finch Pub. You can’t get drunk at Friends‘ Central Perk or Frasier‘s Cafe Nervosa, so those shouldn’t count. I nominate the Sparks’ players’ lounge on Footballers’ Wive$ and the Walker family’s mansion on Brothers & Sisters to take their places. And finally, is it weird that I really want to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation for the first time, purely based on a tiny graphic of the Ten-Forward? I don’t get it either. My best guess: the cool shadows.

Which TV bar would be your hangout?

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