Amy Ryan
April 05, 2007 AT 05:39 AM EDT

So, what do Mel Brooks, Fraser Heston, Burt Lancaster,Soupy Sales, and Theodore Roberts have in common? You’ll have to excuse the delay in posting this week’s answer; with the onset of Passover, I’m still in a bit of a matzo coma. (They don’t call it the bread of affliction for nothin’.) Passover is also the occasion for this week’s roundup of actors, who all played Moses in movies and TV. Brooks (pictured) played Moses as a tablet-dropping klutz in History of the World: Part I. In Cecil B. DeMille’s 1956 version of The Ten Commandments, little Fraser Heston was the baby in the basket, who grew up to be played by papa Charlton. Lancaster starred in the 1974 minseries Moses the Lawgiver. Sales played Moses in the 1993 mockumentary And God Spoke. Roberts starred in DeMille’s first version of The Ten Commandments in 1923.

Even though we left out some of the more obvious Moseses (the elder Heston, Val Kilmer, Ben Kingsley, Dougray Scott), most of you guessed this one right. “Holy Moses! This is the easiest HeadScratcher yet. I was going to Pass Over it,” wrote punster Patrick Kelly. Tim Priester observed that, of all the stars on the list, “Brooks is the only actor great enough to play Moses AND a talking toilet (Look Who’s Talking Too).” Several of you used the occasion to recall the best line of dialogue in any Moses biopic, spoken by Egyptian princess Anne Baxter in the 1956 Ten Commandments: “Oh Moses, Moses, you stubborn, splendid, adorable fool.” I’ll be listening for this line when the movie airs on ABC this Saturday, since I’m still trying to figure out where in the Scriptures DeMille found that line.

This week’s chosen people are listed after the jump.

addCredit(“History of the World Part I: Kobal Collection”)

Dave Baskind
Curt Berkowitz
Adam Bonin
Randall Dasinger
Wendy Eisner
Anne Francis
Alex Gordon
Patrick Kelly
Tyler Kempf
Helen Labonc
Shari Lampert
David Lankford
Adriana Lebron
Douglas McEwan
Nell Minow
Suzanne Moran
Eric Nielsen
Tim Priester
Kevin Quillinan
Harold Reynolds
Karen Rosen
Dan St. Ledger
Sherrie Smith
Sande Wendt
Jessy Wheeler
Jan Willemsen
Don Willsey
Patrick A. Yearout

Thanks for playing, everyone. Come back Friday for another HeadScratcher…

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