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Shirley Halperin
April 05, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Thanks to Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell, competitive dodgeball and NASCAR racing have already gotten their comedic due in the form of box office hits. Now figure skating is poised to be the latest sport to laugh all the way to the bank, thanks to Blades of Glory, which stars Ferrell and Napoleon Dynamite‘s Jon Heder as two frilly and flamboyant former gold medalists who get banned from single competition but find a loophole in the doubles category. The movie also features some of the biggest, most legit names in skating, like Nancy Kerrigan, Scott Hamilton, Dorothy Hamill, Peggy Fleming and Brian Boitano.

At last week’s blue carpet premiere, which was attended by costars Amy Poehler and Will Arnett, as well as Stiller, who was one of the film’s producers, and American Idol alum Bo Bice, who sings the theme song, certainly most of the attention was lavished on the Fire & Ice duo (with Ferrell sporting a well-grown ‘fro), but one couldn’t help but notice a cavalcade of ancillary characters from NBC’s The Office there to support their fellow castmate, Jenna Fischer. ”I’m so excited to see her sexy lingerie scene,” said Angela Kinsey. ”I know she’s going to be really hot, but at the same time, I’m so nervous as her friend. Like, ‘Oh my God, that’s Jenna in her skivvies!”’ No need to worry, Fischer reassured. ”It was very liberating. And it was nice to get out of Pam?s slouchy sweaters for a change.”

But how do the real life medalists feel about their portrayal? ”I think you have to have a sense of humor [about it],” Boitano told EW. ”The audience perception of figure skating — the funny costumes and all the back-biting that goes on behind the scenes — is one thing; to live in the real world of figure skating is completely different… It’s a very tough sport to grow up in, always being judged.” Even Ferrell, says the 1988 Olympic gold medal winner, struggled with the physical demands, in more ways than one. ”Will said to me, ‘I feel guilty about making fun of figure skating because it’s so hard!”’ Sure enough, Ferrell described the infamous ”frog lift” position to us in detail. ”Jon has to straddle my waist [with his legs], then extend and I have to counter balance it. It felt like a torture technique.”

But one person who wasn’t at all bothered by physicality was Fischer, who, as Katie Van Waldenberg, has the dubious honor of being fondled by Ferrell in a steamy scene. ”It was my favorite scene,” she said wearing a low-cut white dress that definitely showed off her, ahem, assets. ”Getting your breasts fondled by Will for five hours? That’s a good time!”

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