Annie Barrett
April 05, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

We were going to file this under Things That Make Me Die Inside, but then I remembered I’d attempted to start a new thread called One of The Best and Worst Things Ever back in November. The Real World: Las Vegas cast, who are reuniting for six new episodes, definitely counts as that. Yes, Las Vegas is generally regarded as the turning point of the series, when things stopped getting real and started becoming a hyper-contrived commercial for the Palms Resort and Casino. And alcoholism. But who can honestly say watching these clowns together again would be any worse than having to endure what the series has become since their first go-round? And what can they expect to find in the special time capsule the producers will whip up for them? Alton’s violin? Trashelle’s unborn child? Vomit? I would maybe like to. We’ll see.

addCredit(“Real World Las Vegas: Everett Collection”)

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