Michael Slezak
April 09, 2007 AT 10:37 PM EDT

Three cheers for the former Lois Lane! Or make that six cheers, seeing that both Teri Hatcher (who portrayed the Man of Steel’s love interest on TV’s Lois & Clark) and Margot Kidder (Miss Lane in 1978’s Superman and its various sequels, opposite Christopher Reeve) were in fine, hilarious form on ABC’s Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters respectively last night.

I’m not sure which actress surprised me more. I’ve pretty much abhorred Hatcher’s klutzy, fickle Susan Meyer (pictured, left) since midway through Housewives‘ first season, but I howled with laughter last night watching her set ablaze Ian’s stuffy mother (Lynn Redgrave) in an outdoor barbecue mishap. (Given her history, no one should trust Susan near an open flame.) I’m just hoping the show’s writers ditch gloomy Mike Delfino (the suddenly wooden James Denton) and set Susan free of the same recurring plotline she’s been stuck in since the series began. Who knows? Maybe then I can finally stop daydreaming that she’ll be the next Wisteria Lane resident to meet an untimely demise.

Kidder, meanwhile, brought a breath of blowsy air to Brothers & Sisters as Nora’s kooky pal Emily Craft (at right). I’m not sure if Kidder was partially improvising her dialogue last night, but her critiques of Nora’s potential date outfits (“That was maybe nice when Fawn Hall was around!”) and double-entendres (“This may be a cocktail party, but I don’t know which blanket that little piggy’s gonna be under, if you get my drift”) were deliciously daft and freewheeling. Can’t this character get a spinoff, maybe as a life coach for women of a certain age? Emily’s Crafty couldn’t do any worse than Emily’s Reasons Why Not, could it?

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